Stokes 6" Mechanical Booster Pumps

Increase pumping speed and reduce pumpdown times

Stokes 6″ Mechanical Booster Pumps

Industry staple for over 80 years

Configured for your needs

You can choose between bare shaft and direct drive with a range from 1800-3600 rpm. Depending on your industrial process you can opt for the vertical or horizontal gas flow orientation. The bypass variants eliminates the need of pressure switches making it one of the most versatile and flexible range of boosters.

Optimised design

These boosters are simple, reliable with increased lifetime. The ring feeder timeless locking elements allows for superior timing retention. The Process Isolation version comes with five mechanical seal design on the Stokes 6” provides optimal process protection from any dust and particulate contamination in your process.

Easy to maintain

The mechanical shaft seal leads to improved life and ease of serviceability. The larger sight glass and magnetic drain plugs facilities easy viewing of oil and prolongs life.

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