ELRi series - Intelligent Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
ELRi series – Intelligent Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Revolutionising conventional Liquid Ring vacuum pump technology

IP rated compact canopy

The ergonomically designed IP 54 rated canopy with a small footprint is dust and splash proof with noise containment up to 69 dB.

Built-in intelligence with twin VSD’s

The first VSD motor with set point control maintains and matches required vacuum levels. The second VSD for the water circulation pump optimises water flow and maintains stable vacuum.

Innovative internal design with robust internal build

The internal injection channels and mechanical seals provide a stable sealing arrangement. Stainless steel impellers and end plates are supplied as standard and the integrated non-return valve protects against back flow.

High degree of protection with patented algorithms

The anti-cavitation algorithm prevents the ELRi from operating in areas of cavitation, which increases the pump lifetime and reduces maintenance costs. The anti- seizure algorithm automatically turns off the pump for a few seconds after long periods of inactivity.

Ideal for humid applications

Water spray from the integrated spray nozzles cools and condenses the inlet gas and vapour from the process. This helps reduce energy consumption and increases impeller life.

Remote connectivity via AirLogic® controller and ICON box connectivity makes it easy to identify service requirements and plug gaps.

Watch these videos to know more about our ELRi Vacuum Pump

Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása
Videó lejátszása

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