Gas Reactor Column (GRC)

The world's leading system for safe 'point of use' gas abatement

Edwards Gas Reactor Column (GRC)

The GRC is a unique hot bed reactor that chemically destroys toxic gases. It treats the widest range and mixture of gases in one system without creating new effluent disposable problems. A proprietary mixture of inorganic granules is held within a welded stainless steel cartridge. This is maintained at an elevated temperature by insertion in a tubular electrical heater. Hazardous exhaust gases passing into the cartridge are chemically reacted to completion and converted into insert stable inorganic salts.

        • DRY system, can be connected directly to vacuum pump exhaust
        • No risk of backstreaming moisture
        • No problems with desorption of toxic gases
        • Complete chemical conversion of gases into inert stable salts
        • No toxic solid or liquid wastes for disposal
        • Used cartridges certified as non hazardous waste
        • Used cartridges can also be recycled giving zero waste
        • Cartridge changing is easy and hazard free
        • No fuel and flames with the associated risk of producing toxic by-products
        • Minimum service connections required Inlet pipe work can be maintained at 120 degree celcius to reduce solids deposition

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