EDS Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps​

A new benchmark in the dry screw market​

EDS Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

A game-changing machine for the most challenging industrial and chemical installations

Available in Air and Water-cooled variants, the EDS range has second-to-none contaminant handling capability in the harshest industrial and chemical conditions.
Cool and simple, easy to service combined with high speed make the EDS range the ideal solution for the harshest industrial and chemical applications.

Extra performance to meet modern day processes

The high pumping speeds give more throughput when required. Quick pump down times with higher roughing speeds get the job done quicker with unparalleled uptime.

Innovative and sturdy screw design

The plug and play system and the tapered variable pitch dry screws creates a new benchmark in the screw pump market. This is an intricate piece of engineering with a high tolerance for particulates.

Flexible and safe

The EDS range is safe for use in hazardous environments and is certified to global explosion standards. The pumps high tolerance for particulates make them particularly safe and flexible for the chemical processing industry.

Multiple variants available

Available in water-cooled and air-blasted variants, the EDS range have second-to-none contaminant handling capabilities in the harshest industrial conditions and dirtiest industrial installations.

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