Why Edwards

How is Edwards different than the competition?

It's not just about engineering excellence; it's also the optimal maintenance.

Most clients choose Edwards technology because they value our products’ precision and engineering features. Who can blame them? Edwards’ long history of innovation is reassuring.  

Clients return, because they are convinced: the features and specs don’t just look good on paper and on videos. The pumps are also durable and maintenance-friendly. 

Support and expertise: how return on investment is guaranteed.

Your investment in a vacuum pump isn’t only limited to the purchase itself. In case of vacuum- and abatement technology, reliable and fast support all the way from pre-sales consulting to post-sale care and follow-up are crucial. Another key decision criteria is the cost of maintenance and operation. This too, is an area where Edwards products shine. When purchasing Edwards technology in Hungary, you will be in direct contact with the engineers from Axis Ltd, the engineering firm responsible for installing vacuum sewage systems in over 80 cities and towns in Hungary and Romania. When contacting us, you will not talk to sales people – we don’t employ any. You will talk to engineers with PhDs, who are happy to consult and guide you according to your needs. Our relationship does not end with selling you an Edwards product. We follow up to make sure that your investment meets or exceeds your expectations

How to choose an Edwards vacuum-pump

We’ll admit, it’s not easy to find one’s way in the abundance of choices in technology and features. If you feel you’re not seeing the forest from the trees – or you want to understand a solution deeper – please call us. Most of our clients find the solution to their challenge along these three steps:

1. requirements

What is the environment where you're planning to use the machinery? What grade of performance do you require?

2. boundaries

What timeframe is available for the project? What is the budget for the purchase and the operating costs?

3. possibilities

We determine whether our products can serve you and narrow down the possibilities. We discuss it in an online meeting.

Why Edwards?

Engineers like numbers. Here are some of Edwards' main parameters:
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in R&D in technology for vacuum and abatement
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support personnel worldwide
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manufacturing and service technology centers​
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